BresK – Marynka Nicolai Krylova – Piano

Datum: 07 november 2021
Tijd: 16:00 - 17:30 uur

Marynka is a musician, composer and an actress, born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She studied music composition, production and conducting at Moscow Conservatorium and Utrecht Conservatorium, but also studied acting and singing at GITIS Moscow, The Amsterdam School of Arts (HKA) and The Utrecht School of Arts (HKU).

Marynka worked within experimental pop and light classical music. She released two quality pop albums “Privet” and “Too Mush Is Not Enough” on the Parisian label Bad Reputation. In the last few years she has been concentrating on composing modal music for piano. Her newest album of solo piano “Red Moon” came out in May 2019.

She dedicated her life to expressions of beauty, which realizes in many ways through various art forms and collaborations. Marynka’s favorite instrument is piano. Her own Steinway grand piano is her life-time companion, her friend and a gravity point in Marynka’s universe.

Marynka invented her own intuitive way of composing and performing. She calls it Instant Music and she seeks the way to unite Time, Space and Sound in one entity. Adoration of the moment, letting in the healing power of music, breaking all boundaries and preconceptions, these are possible side-effects of listening to Marynka’s music. She creates a state of deep meditation, constructing an ego-free inner space, where the listener and the performer meet each other, where there is no suppressive domination of the intellect.

Marynka is also a music teacher, presenter, voice artist and actress.

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Foto: Shamil Hasyanzanov


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